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  • Ravenscraig steelworks

    Near Craigneuk in Lanarkshire. Was the largest hot strip steel mill in Western Europe until it closed in 1992. One of 4 in the UK. At its peak, steel production in the UK employed about 300 000 people. Iron ore was brought in to the Clyde at Kingston until 1978, when it moved to West…

  • Moral duty to cover rota gaps

    GMC good medical practice states that patient safety may be affected if we are not able to provide care, but beyond our contracted hours we also have a duty to ensure we have enough rest to avoid a negative impact on our judgment and performance, a duty to our family or those who depend on…

  • Scottishpaeds Currently 490 pages, with 40 new pages added in 2022. Only 11 daily page views. BTS/SIGN asthma and infantile self gratification (!) as most popular pages!

  • Right or happy?

    Where man forces himself to agree with wife, QOL increases slightly for woman but falls significantly for man. Would same be true if other way round?! [Xmas BMJ 2013]

  • Mondrian uncredited

    Ford have styled their latest advert on Mondrian:  

  • Hendersons relish

    Sorry to hear (from Wikipedia) that Hendersons, the vegan Worcestershire sauce, has moved from its location next to the university to newer premises elsewhere in Sheffield.  The iconic sign that faced the uni had already been stolen in 2008.

  • The past, and being blind to the future

    Heard a Chinese student on the radio say, “Forget the past and you will lose an eye. Dwell on the past and you will lose both eyes.” Sounds like a good Chinese proverb, until I googled it and found: A Russian proverb says, “Dwell on the past and you will lose an eye; forget the…

  • Holy Trinity

    The baptism of Jesus as described in the gospels is where the Trinity first appears – the heavens open, and the spirit of God descends “like a dove”.  The words “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” are used commonly in liturgy, not just for baptism. Perichoresis is the idea that…

  • Snails

    My boys love snails  So we looked them up on wikipedia. They have 2 sets of tentacles or horns, the first have eyes (and are called ommatophores), the second carry sense of smell.  All are retractile. Snails have lungs, livers, and hearts.  Don’t know why that surprises me, but there you go. Thought they were…

  • Young people's attitudes to pornography, sex and relationships

    Pornography and sexualised media were part of most participants’ everyday lives. Although pornography and sexualised media were seen as problematic by many participants, they were not understood as isolated issues but as part of a broader pattern of sexism and double standards around sex and relationships. Participants’ responses to sexualisation, pornography, relationships and sex were heavily impacted by…